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Red Cliff Kayak Rental

All levels welcome

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Rent a kayak and explore the Apostle Islands

Beginner paddlers are encouraged to use Basswood, Oak, Stockton, Madeline, Long, and Hermit Island. These islands are protected and offer a safer paddling experience. Paddlers with experience can utilize Sand, York, Raspberry, Bear, Otter, Rocky, Ironwood, and Manitou Island. These islands are more exposed and require that you can paddle in three-foot waves. We only allow expert paddlers to plan rental itineraries that travel to Devil’s, South Twin, Cat, Outer, and Michigan Island. North Twin and Eagle Island are off-limits due to NPS restrictions.

Sea caves can be found at the following locations and are listed from most impressive to least: Devil’s Island, Sand Island, Meyers Beach, Romans Point, Stockton Island, Outer Island, Ironwood Island, Cat Island, Bear Island, Oak Island, Madeline Island. You can expect crowds of paddlers and motorboats at Meyers Beach and Madeline Island, which really detract from their splendor. The other sea cave locations you have mostly to yourself.

Sit-on-top kayaks do not require a $25 safety course, but they include free instruction. Sit-on-top kayaks are much safer for beginner paddlers because they are self-bailing. However, sea kayaks are the only kayaks allowed for island crossings. We require a free safety test and optional safety course (one hour, $25) for sea kayak rentals.