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Red Cliff Sea Caves Kayak Tour

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Single Kayak
Tandem Kayak
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Explore the Red Cliff Sea Caves by Kayak

Embark on a Wisconsin cave kayak tour to discover the caves and shipwrecks of the Apostle Islands.

Red Cliff Caves

Must be greater than 25 lbs. and less than 300 lbs., and less than 7′ with a hip width less than 30″ to properly fit in the gear for this tour.*

  • 4 sea caves
  • 1 sea arch (photo for tour on our website)
  • Shipwreck, 300 ft long and 100 years old, in 2 ft of water
  • This is our easiest tour and great for kids

Apostle Islands Kayak Tour

The caves north of Red Cliff are in the Chequamegon layer, and the mesmerizing red sandstone that towers so majestically along their shoreline are the feature for which the red cliff band of Ojibwe received its namesake. There are several caves that you can get kayaks into and there are some very well preserved shipwrecks in shallow water along the way. The shipwreck Fedora is in such shallow water that you can reach out and touch it from your kayak. This Red Cliff sea caves kayak tour also features some very tall sandstone cliffs and one beautiful sea arch that is as intricate and massive as any sea arch in the Apostle Islands.

The Red Cliff caves tour stays close to shore and allows us to offer single kayaks and tandem kayaks; it’s your choice. These cliffs are just as tall as Meyers Beach and the caves are nearly as good, but we hardly ever see anyone else at these caves. We traverse every nook and cranny and give you all the time you want to explore the caves, take photos, and bask in the brilliance of their beauty.

Sea Caves

Sea caves can be found at the following locations and are listed from most impressive to least: Devil’s Island, Sand Island, Meyers Beach, Red Cliff, Stockton Island, Outer Island, Ironwood Island, Cat Island, Bear Island, Romans Point, and Madeline Island. You can expect crowds of paddlers and motor boats at Meyers Beach and Madeline Island, the other sea cave locations you will have mostly to yourself. You need waves of one and a half or less to enter the sea caves.